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Keller Grover's Unique Qualifications to Represent Whistleblowers

Whistleblower cases involve proving a fraud that the whistleblower witnessed or has first hand knowledge and often times protecting the rights of a whistleblower in their employment. While many law firms have experience dealing with one issue or the other, few are experienced enough to handle both issues together. That's why the legal team at Keller Grover, with more than 20 years' experience practicing employment law and litigating fraud cases, is uniquely qualified to advise whistleblowers and represent them in whistleblower litigation. We know every fraud is different. We are experienced in working with witnesses to piece together the evidence, including the whistleblower's personal knowledge and sometimes documents they have, to best prove how the fraud was actually perpetrated. We also know that when the person exposing the fraud is an employee, or ex-employee, they need the advice of a lawyer with experience handling employment issues to help navigate the implications exposing a fraud might have on their job.

If you have information about a potential fraud, contact a whistleblower lawyer at Keller Grover.

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